• The secret to healing diabetes is in bamboo salt,

    The secret of bamboo is in its vitality.

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  • Phosphate medicine and high-tech science meet!

    Phosphorus Kim Il-hoon Herbal medicine meets advanced science and its true value is revealed.

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BIO Food Research Institute

The bio bamboo salt is a gray bamboo salt which is finished by high heat treatment 9 times according to the earliest manufacturing method of the phosphorus acid teacher and the original taste and light keeps egg flavor.

Phosphorus -type cancer formulary

The origin of all cancers comes from weakness of the pancreas. If the pancreas is strong, cancer develops in other cancers. If the pancreas is weak, pancreatic cancer first occurs.

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Based on Oriental medicine based on the prescription of the cancer patients were treated, bamboo salt, sari, safflower seed, sulfur duck. We develop new medicines such as freshwater poultry, flesh, and walnut oil.

BIO Anticancer Food

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